Wroat is in Ashes.
Trolanport is now rubble and corpses.
The Flamekeep is a molten mass of glassy red rock, still flaming after 100 years. Still flaming from dragonfire.
Its been 100 years since the dragons came. The sun did not rise that day. Dragons by the thousands flew into Khorvaire and laid waste to most of the major cities. The population in every region of Khorvaire was decimated. Legend says that someone angered the dragons, causing them to seek vengeance. Others say the prophecy that the dragons were waiting for was fulfilled. During the destruction; as it became known; Massive flames and shadows were seen from beyond the mountains near the demon wastes. No one ventured past those mountains since, but it is believed that the great demons were vanquished.
Most governments fell. Armies were obliterated in brilliant swathes of flame. Each nation’s capitol was razed to the ground by the multitude of wyrms. Just as all hope seemed lost and the doom of humanity doom seemed imminent, the dragons flew above the low hanging blackened clouds… and disappeared. None have been seen since.
In the 100 years since, Khorvaire changed considerably. 50 years ago, the dragonmarks that were common on the inhabitants of Khorvaire started to fade. Zilargo’s shipping economy failed. Breland lost significant amounts of political and military influence. Now, there are no more dragonmarks in existence. Each man became his own justice. Vigilantism is rampant in all parts of the continent.
Even more tragically, as the dragonmarks began to fade, so did the ability to use magic. Now, great mages of old are mere conjurers, only remembering in bitterness the power that they once held. Few magic items hold the power they once did. The ones that are still capable of the old magics are viciously guarded and even more viciously sought after.
You have been called by The Aurum, a shadowy coalition of wealthy citizens throughout Khorvaire. They have banded together their fortunes to learn what happened to the magic of Eberron. They have re-instituted an old organization called “The Distinguished” to secretly discover the reason behind the dragon attacks, where the magic went, and how they can gain control of it again. You have been called upon to join this organization.
Will you discover the answers the Aurum seeks and return the answers for them? Will you take the magics for yourself? Will you find something even more sinister in your travels? You can only discover the answers in Eberron Pathfinder 3.75!

The Distinguished

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